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Bonus Track - Avantcore by Busdriver
Bonus Track - Avantcore by Busdriver - PaRappa the Rapper Official Soundtrack
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Parapa the Rappa Secret track
-.- It Was A B1tch To Unlock.
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Parappa the Rappa- Master Onions Rap (M Lounge)
parappa stage music
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i forgot to close the door
parappa the rapper
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The Adventures of Lady and Parappa- VIS174 #5 (Unreleased)
This is technically the fifth movie I made for my Media Sketchbook class, since it was the 5th I started on because I was following the syllabus. But then we ended up not doing the assignment since we were switching stuff around, so I pretty much finished editing it for kicks even though the class won't see it. The original assignment it was based on was a still images project where we had to have voice over and sound effects and stuff to a mystery story or something. So I got the idea of making a video of a comic I made for my friend Eddy for Christmas. I made it about Lady from Devil May Cry and Parappa the Rapper being partners in the demon slaying business as sort of an inside joke with Eddy since when we met at Anime Expo I was cosplaying as Lady and he was Parappa. Anyways, unfortunately there was a mix-up and Eddy didn't have the comic on him since stuff was hectic because he was moving, so we couldn't shoot the original comic like I intended. So we basically took what was lying around (which wasn't much since the place was pretty bare) and decided to shoot it live action with what we could remember of the comic. Luckily Armin was with me or there'd be no way this would've worked. I will do a remake in the way of my original plan using the pictures from the completeness of the comic for my final soon, so yeah. Have fun with the ghettoest movie ever! Youtube makes the pictures darker than they are and the sounds aren't as strong and it came out just all around weirder than normal but that's how this odd little cookie crumbles!
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MMMorshu the driving instructor
Morshu teaches parappa how to drive a song. Wait... What? SONG: Driving instructor (level 2) (parappa the rappa) SOUND: MMMMMorshu
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Re: Re: School Bus Fight
Video Cam Direct Upload
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Afro Samurai AMV Feat NegroSaki
NegroSaki on the beat
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Danow Plays RR?!: Ep. 39: Memories of Billy Madison
And I'm thinking of the strip study with Veronica Vaughn, not the bus driver... -Check This Out!- -Facebook- facebook.com/Danowsawa -Twitch- twitch.tv/danowsawa -Apparel- danowsawa.spreadshirt.com -Wiki- danow.wikia.com/wiki/Danow_Wiki
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YouTube Poop - Tea and Fruit
WARNING! One or two loud noises, turn down your volume a little. A YouTube poop based on adverts from Volvic. Thanks for the sound sources of Zelda CD-I, Parappa the Rappa and Rayman Raving Rabbids. (all rights resevred to the original owners!!!!)
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married on a bus
braelyn and amy getting married on a coah. lol
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